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Gensrv is an Intellectual Property company. Our team comprises a number of highly skilled diverse managers and engineers with an extensive amount of knowledge relating to not only power facility design but also generation and asset management. The team at Gensrv focuses purely on power generation and he business models associated with power generation. Gensrv was founded in 2015 by the Harris family in South Australia. The founders brought in to Gensrv a significant amount of electrical IP and construction Know How. In early 2016 Mr Wright a well renowned UK trained power engineering and development manager was secured providing process and business engineering along with asset management and modelling. Through these key staff Gensrv is able to address all aspects of power plant focused business from feasibility and due-diligence through design and EPC and ultimately to Asset management and O&M. With experience ranging from large coal plants through open and combined cycle gas turbines to smaller reciprocating solutions Gensrv can add value to your business needs.

Plant Improvment

The team at Gensrv is always seeking new opportunity to achieve more with what is given. Our moto is that we must add value to all services we provide. Since the cost of fuel is the highest significant contributor to operation costing (OPEX). Fuel optimisation and energy waste are key areas to be addressed when looking at plant performance improvement. In some cases, the basics such as mill maintenance and condition along with PF fineness can have significant cost impacts on base fossil plants. Indicators such as stack and ash analysis assist in the determination of poor combustion and therefore fuel / cost loss. For reciprocating plants conditions such as poor atomisation of fuel through bad injectors may be a contributing factor or in gas turbines compressor cleanliness and filter condition. In all cases Gensrv will assess and monitor your asset to determine areas for improvement to give reduced costs or improvements in availability. Paramount to the process is the effective use of the maintenance dollar. GenSrv is competent with most modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages such as SAP, Mincon MINS, MEX and can utilise these IP and history tools to streamline maintenance effort and cost. The group has Thermal and electrical modelling tools which allow the determination of optimum conditions and therefore determination of loss. Why not add these impacts to your Human Machine Interface (HMI) so that staff see the real impact of operating off design.

In some cases, the method of operation by the grid system and the application of spinning reserve has a detrimental impact to heat rate and therefore cost. It is therefore imperative the spinning reserve is best managed to utilise the most cost effective assets to provide such service. In short know your Short Run Marginal Cost (SRMC).

Quality Assurance

Poor quality has been the downfall of many a project. The management of quality starts on day one with the due diligence of the equipment providers and their manufacturing facility’s. During design a number of reviews are instigated to ensure compliance with project quality standards and the identification of shortfalls in manufacture and design will save many dollars instead of rectification in the field. Equipment procured from vendors is always specified to be delivered with the supporting QA documents and monthly reviews are implemented to ensure adherence to the specifications.

Additionally, critical to success of a project is the planning behind its conception, delivery and operation. At Gensrv we use tools such as Primavera and have an extensive understanding of the requirements to construct each type of asset. Many people can drive planning software but do they really know what it takes in the field to construct the asset. Through experience in constructing generating assets over the last 30 years and additionally working with OEM’s and utilities Gensrv is uniquely placed to derive accurate and meaningful plans that are used as a tool to drive a project to success.