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Cummings Upgrade

One of the common requests we are asked about is the upgrading of older control systems on generators. Here we are working on a Cummins C2000d5 generator set with a PCC3201 control system. The owner wishes to upgrade the system to allow communication back to their SCADA system and also provide a more functional interface. In this case we recommended the upgrade on the system using a DSE 8610 Mk2 product. Here we see the removal of the old wiring to the central controller whose function will now be performed by the SCADA system. After this we removed from the old controller the Paralleling circuit board, display board, PT board and CT board. Connections were then made to the DSE unit. In order to get the base board to talk to the DSE we also have to reprogram the CPU to know the other boards have been removed and install a new CAN definition file. When all done the engine, wiring is much simpler and now with full remote functionality over Modbus TCPIP to the overall SCAD system.