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Improving Coal Plant Frequency Response

Here we see a typical Rankin cycle for a thermal power plant. As we move in to a new energy market with an increase in Solar Phot Voltaic production we need to address the instability associated with this PV generation. This may be cloud events or just start and end of day sun events. As such modifications can be applied to the cycle to improve the ability of the system to respond to low frequency events. (1), (2) alterations to the steam turbine inlet to improve the swallowing capacity of the turbine. (3) reduction in condensate flow through LP heaters and to DA thereby allowing this flow to pass through the turbine generating more energy. (4) High pressure heater bypass again to reduce the extracted energy from the steam turbine and thereby generate more power.


It must be remembered that most of the methods covered here reduce the cycle efficiency of the process to improve its power output over a short period of time. It is also necessary to consider the thermal impact of cycling some of the metal components.